Online Flight Service

BiletBank is an online sales platform which is specially designed for travel agencies. It is designed with 30 years of experience in tourism and it is also supported by TUBITAK. It is a completely free system that aims agencies to sale tickets quick and easy.

With a click, you can list, filter and sort by price or departure time of the flights from 797 airline companies including Turkish Airlines, Anadolu Jet, Atlas Jet, Delta Airlines, Emiates, SunExpress, Bora Jet.

Why should I use BiletBank? :

  • Because it copares all products offered by flight, hotel and car service providers in the world and sort these alternatives in one screen by cheapest,
  • Because it offers the possibility of paying either single or combined multiple products in a single line item,
  • Because it supports sales network with sub-agent structuring,
  • Because you can decide your own service fee to earn,
  • Because you can get support from a real 365/24/7 solution center,
  • Because you can instantly Cancel and Refund online from your screen,
  • Because Cancellation and Refund amounts will be paid back immediately,
  • Because you can get your comission bills smoothly and without delay in 15-day periods,
  • Because you can view your sales reports instantly, daily, weekly and monthly,
  • Onur Air and Pegasus Airlines ticket sales can be viewed after 24 hours,
  • Because you can arrange THY tickets from your customers Miles and Smiles account,
  • Because all discounted tickets including soldier discount can be applied to domestic flights,
  • Because you are able to follow your earnings on the screen instantly,
  • Because you can spend your earnings after you present your commission bill,
  • Because you can search your passenger with Reservation Code, Ticket or Voucher Number or Last Name,
  • Because you can compare low-cost airlines with scheduled carriers on the same screen,,
  • Because you can display product price and costs in different currencies,
  • Because you can offer CIP service at THY domestic flights,
  • Bacause you can offer wheelchair service,
  • Because you can enter your customers THY Miles Card number,
  • Because I can enter agreement id's of companies which has THY Enterprise Agreement,
  • Because I am instantly informed with promotions and implementations of airlines and all suppliers,
  • Because it provides additional income and time for you by combining different airlines in domestic flights,
  • Because you can search by price, departure time or airline,
  • Because you can inquire your customer's THY Miles Card number,
  • Because it informs all detailed content of price of the query,
  • Because you can convert a reservation that was made from any branch of Turkish Arlines to sales with QEP method,
  • Because you can convert the Amadeus reservations to sales without any loss,
  • Because you can send e-mails through the system after sale.
  • Because all your contact information will be written on the ticket,
  • Because you can easily arrange bills for individuals or institutions,
  • Because it reminds you price code, cancellation rules and ticketing duration at the beginning for International fligts.